Saturday, February 2, 2008

hahah. zhuo lao shi is so cute lah, i didnt write the answer to the 'li jie wen da' in full sentences and she drew that face on the paper. so cute can. hahha. and she even showed us how the face is supposed to look like. (:
okay i know that my blog is seriously dead but these days has been so boring! ms sim didnt come again as usual and mr koh didnt sarca me anymore so i guess life's good. :D
oops, i am afraid that i might have spoken too soon since i got an instinct that maybe my luck will be going down next week. D: okay, whatever.
hey people who still like give me face and read my blog, please do go to this website and support KSS! your vote is greatly appreciated and if it's not troublesome, you can even ask your whole familyto help vote since 1person is only entitled to 1vote only, due to the fact that they need your nric. but trust me, this is just to ensure that one person vote a time only, so yeah, it's safe, they wont use your nric to do anything funny. (: thanks a lot.

it was just an excuse to see each other.

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