Tuesday, January 29, 2008


okay. i am updating now.

Sunday Morning plus Afternoon.
- SS Project at Woodlands Regional Library.
- The rest were late so i met with jiazhi.
- Had breakfast at Mac.
- Looked for seats in the library after breakfast and realised that singaporeans are all so kiasu. (library opening hours at 11, and when it's not even 11, the seats which has tables are all taken.)
- Halfway looking for seats, Sourheart and Shark arrived.
- Started discussing about the Project.
- I left halfway to fetch Xuanyu. (apparently, he doesnt know how to go to the Library. -.-)
- Saw GuanYeow and a few others going to the Library to do the SS Project too. (what a coincidence.)
- Continued on Project while waiting for George to come.
- (Extra) I realised that George has a very low and loud voice because he called me on the phone.
- Completion of Project and then had lunch at Banquet with the rest.
- Lunch was funny, with the 'chicken-ny' joke i made. (it was not a joke initially but they laughed at me. whatever, haha.)
- Saw Shunyu and gang on the escalator, guess they were going to celebrate his birthday. (yesterday) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
- Went to Sweettalk and took the train home later.

Sunday Evening.
- Dined at this restaurant at the Warren Golf and Country Club.
- 7-course meal plus dessert.
- Tasted not bad and was full.
- Camwhored like an idiot and i think many saw my retarded acts.

- Ms Sim didnt come. D:
- I think she's really pregnant. DD:
- I dont like it. DDD:
- In fact, i hate it. DDDD:
- Chinese lesson with the Liaoning people.
- Quite entertaining i guess, better than normal lessons.
- Lunched at Subway, yummeh. (:


look again, stupid doodlings on the guestbook.

i realised there's this small little gap at the door which people can peep into the cubicle. EEW.

trying to get an emo photo of my mama, she so willing to pose for me! haha.
ah ma and ah gong. :)

i got over you.

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