Friday, January 25, 2008

'O' Level Chinese.


very buayba, but i'm super proud of what i got. 'cause i didnt expect to get an A1 lah. (due to the fact that i'd thought i'd screw my orals) then i was so nervous like hell and i heard that 4 people got B3 and i started to get scared that i might be one of them. then during recess, ms tang was like patting me on my back and saying that 'All I can say is that I'm very proud of you'. and it left me feeling confused. my doubts were kind of cleared when mr koh said if he didnt remember wrongly, i got an A1. i was like so relieved at that moment can.

however, when we were at the hall waiting for the release of the results, i could feel the tense atmosphere in the hall. really, and i swear many felt the same as i am. and after much talking and congratulating the top students, we finally got our results back. when ms tock finally called my name, i went up and took the 'certificate'. i dared not look can. i peep at it and saw 'ONE' and 'A'. super super happy (i know my vocab is very limited.) and i cried. very very dumb, maybe i cried because the heavy 'stone' in my heart has been heaved off, or maybe i just felt so stressed up suddenly with the others getting their results and everything. aiya, dont know lah, just cried and some thought i got a bad result. hahah.

anyway, congratulations to all those who got the results they wanted. cheers. :)

& i'm leaving you behind with the past.

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