Thursday, January 24, 2008

Damn Everything

Damn Damn Damn.

'O' Levels Result are being released tmrw in the afternoon. I am so nervous until i feel like just peeing in my pants. NOT. I am like so worried about my chinese results lah, like crap. i think i screwed the paper and now it's too late to complain. okay, whatever, i am just like ranting nonsense now.

oh, and ms sim hasnt been coming to school for a consecutive 3days alr, so unlike her style to be not in school for so long. i wonder what happened to her, maybe she's pregnant? (mouth hanging agape, starts thinking of the many possibilities) wahh, damn man, if she really get pregnant, 4c's maths can die. i dont want any relief teacher coming in to substitute her lessons, it's difficult to learn and concentrate. plus this year's an important year alr, neh shit lah. hahah, and i realised i am talking as though she's really pregnant. CHOY ah, i dont want her to get pregnant, not being bad, at least, if she wants to get pregnant, please like wait till next year or at least after our 'O' Levels can. i feel so selfish, whatever. :)

i think i flunked my chemistry judging from the look on mr kat's face, faggot. D:

Te extraño.

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