Tuesday, January 22, 2008

RE: Nothing Better To Do.

hahaha. remember i sent an email to Viwawa.com staff? (it's the entry below this) to think they actually reply me! how shockingly, flabbergasted-ly, astonishing-ly true! (okay, i'm exaggerating.) but seriously i didnt expect an email in return from them. cause i was just like trying my luck, plus i thought it would be fun to like send something to them, very bad i know. and here's their reply:

Hi crybaby,

Your email verification link is: http://www.viwawa.com/user/validate_email?vcode=4d9fe14b28eebde002b674810f7defac955ad8b3

Please click the link above. If it is not clickable, you can copy and paste the above link into your Internet Browser and it will activate your account.

If you require any help, do drop us an email. ;-)

The Viwawa Team

i still cant close my still-hanging-agape mouth.

It feels like my point of existence,
Has vanished with you in the distance.
Whatever it takes, i'll persist to see your face again.

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