Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Nothing Better To Do.


Oral IP was fun today. Really.

Oh, and zhenyi and yongkian introduced this website, Viwawa.com to me. they told me i can play this game called Wahjong, which i believed that is renamed from the original Mahjong. so i went there and registered. And you know normally they will send a verification email to you one right? Yeah, it was in the junk folder and so i went there. But somehow i got distracted and dont know what i was thinking, so i deleted away the email. then after a while, i was like shit, then how to verify? then i thought maybe i should check the 'Deleted' Bin, yet, it wasnt there at all. and so i decided to send an email to the people in charge. NOTHING BETTER TO DO, I KNOW. :D

Dear Staff of Viwawa,

I have registered for an account in Viwawa.com and I went to the Junk Email Folder so that I can open the verification email. However, before I open it, I accidentally pressed the 'Delete' button, and when I tried to check the 'Deleted' column for it, it wasn't there already. So I went back to Viwawa.com and tried to register again, still using the same email. However, it told me that my email has already been taken. Can you help me to fix this, like eg, send me another verification email again? Thanks and I hope to hear from you soon.

hahahha. very very crazy so like me! :D oh, and come to think of it, i remember sending an email like this too, to Blogger. :)

You're my sunshine after the rain.
You're the cure against my fear and my pain.

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