Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I shouldnt love you, but i want to.


If you happen to be late for school and is rushing to school at around 8 which is quite stupid, you might see a girl wearing a blue tee with her mama next to her walking on the way to the clinic, that's me.

okay, whatever.

it's so boring stuck at home, with a head feeling so heavy that it might topple off anytime. i miss HCL common test and Chemistry IP, oh wow. that's great. that means i have to stay back on one of these days to do my common test ALONE and catch up on Chemistry, and that sucks.

it's not that i wanna be sick, i seriously hope i will be okay by tmrw, and do my best in English.

CRAP. just typing these few words make me so tired alr, i feel so vulnerable. ):

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