Saturday, February 23, 2008

2am, and the rain is falling.

"If practice makes perfect, then why nobody in the world is perfect?"


anyway, my blog is dead. T.T sigh, but nevermind lah, i think i will only blog once a week now. D: i have to convince myself that this is good for me.

from today onwards, i will only be online on friday nights and weekends, unless neccessary. why the sudden change? apparently, my juniors, namely zhenyi and yongkian realised that i am always online and it seems like i never study, so i shall prove them wrong, by using the time which i normally use for computer usage for studying. this may be a good start to prepare myself for the 'O' Levels. (I am quite scared about it actually, since this whole week have been common tests, common tests and more common tests and i am already feeling the examination stress.)

okay, i will also reflect on what i have done this 2 months. i will try to do better, i've got evidence to show that. for once, i am actually planning to study for the pure history test next week tmrw. this may be very - for you, yet, to me, it is a big step of improvement alr. okay, all this stuff is getting so boring.

common test week was sucky, and i am actually relieved it's finally over. the whole week passed so fast as though i was sitting in a bullet train for 5 days. with common tests over, although not well done, the burden in my heart has decreased.

i hate today a lot, we had chemistry and a.maths test today, one after another. i could jump down the building, totally.

i think i have flunked my chemistry common test, since i lost 9 marks from it alr. one of the free-response questions happened to be printed on the same paper as the page where we write our questions' answers on, and i happened to pluck out the answering page and did not see the free-response question behind. when the teacher told us to stop, i stapled the papers back together and it was then i realised i just lost 10 marks. so i quickly scan through the free-response question and realised i could get 1 mark. 'Define the meaning of allotropes.' Easy, 1 mark secured, yet 9 marks gone. i knew how to do that question and it was seriously a waste. if they are going to determine the bandings by looking at the chemistry marks from the common test, i am sure i would be at the bottom of the list, and get into the lousiest band. I NEED TO BUCK UP, SERIOUSLY.

Mr Kat marked the papers later, and said that many flunked their MCQ, i believed i was one of the many, since i was confused with the many equations.

A.Maths, i've got nothing to say. Only the graph question, surprisingly, was easy. the rest used up a lot of my brain cells and you could say all the cells went to waste. i tried my best to attempt every question, yet, some questions were too tough, and i was weak at Trigonometry. i dont want to talk about it alr. i am alr immune to failing, i know i shouldnt think that way. BUT. nevermind.

this post is so darn emo-ish, so i guess many would skip reading the contents. i am on the verge of breaking down, but i know i have to be strong, whatever.

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