Monday, February 18, 2008

Clumsy 'cause i'm falling in love. ♥

OMG. i was on youtube and i chanced upon this video of Steven Lim commenting on his self-claimed idol, Edison Chen.
(Note: Do not view this after having a full meal.)

it's so obvious that he is making use of Edison Chen's Scandal to let himself rise to fame. YUCK. Not only does he disgraces himself, Singapore is also being disgraced. Comments i read have people asking whether the people living in Singapore are like this. NEH SHIT can! by the way, there are more of his videos, just look at the links. i am too lazy to post all his videos up on my blog, plus it might make my blog lag.

anyway, this video reminded me a lot of the Chris Crocker's version on Britney Spears, the video where he kept saying 'Leave Britney Alone!' hahah! JUST FOR LAUGHS! :D


and i ran at the stadium today, 6rounds, not really a lot i know. but this is only the starting. yeah, so i planned to run every sunday i guess. I WANNA BURN MY FATS! :)

shitty CT week starts tmrw, while the Sec 2 and 3 are having fun in their camps. Oh, i will get over it, hurhur.

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