Wednesday, January 23, 2013

#591 - Food As Motivation #21 - Saizeriya

Had F.A.M. at Saizeriya, a Italian dining restaurant with The (Doh) Bitches and le mum at two separate occasions!
Merging both together, although there was different food standard both time!

The price range (as you can see later) is relatively cheaper than most Italian restaurants and they are all in nett prices!

Foccacia with Garlic Butter (SGD2.20 nett)
This is super yummy if you love garlic!
I loveeee garlic!! :D
It is super fragrant and it was served hot so it was very fresh in a sense!!

 Spicy Chicken Wings 4 pcs (SGD3.95 nett)
Quite a lot of good reviews on this, but when we tried, it was oily and tasted really erm.. chickeny? :X

 Oven Grilled Escargots (SGD5.90 nett)
Had this both times I went Saizeriya and the first time I had it, it was freaking dope!!!
The garlic was crispy and the escargots were coated thickly in them!!
And where else can you find escargots at such a low price (Don't tell me those canned one lahh)!
Ma Maison sells theirs at SGD9.50 for 6!

But the second time I went and ordered this, the garlic were like soft and mashy. :(

Anyway, recalled a funny incident that happened when I ordered this with the girls.
I was taking photos (the usuals) and then this escargot suddenly decided it wanted to escape and it jumped quite high up out of the plate and then landed on the table.
HAHAHA, all of us were stunned for a moment before bursting out in laughter.
Once in a lifetime man LOL.

Genovese Spaghetti (SGD5.90 nett)
Lynette ordered this and I had a bite, not bad so I ordered the other time when I went!
I think I added too much cheese and ended up getting sick of it!
Best eaten when hot by the way!

 Tomato Spaghetti (SGD5.90 nett)
Tomato taste lor HAHA.
It has bacon and eggplant inside!

Squid Ink Spaghetti (SGD5.90 nett)
I ordered this!! Yes I don't care if I am gonna have temporary black lips or teeth because this is gooooood, although I have no idea why the black sauce tasted like seaweed...
Maybe y'know the squid ate some seaweed or what then it got digested into the ink bank?? :X

 Mushroom Meat Sauce Spaghetti (SGD5.90 nett)
My mum ordered this, I had a bite and thought it was more like vegetable sauce instead of meat sauce.
Not that good, don't order this!!!

I guess I have rather high impression of meat sauce now since I always eat the Carbonara Meat Sauce with Onsen Egg at Yoemenya Goemon and that one tastes so good it's like you are in heaven (though I never go heaven before lahh)!

Grilled Eggplant (SGD4.90 nett)
For cheesy loversssss!
I think because this was during the second visit to Saizeriya, where I got sick of my cheesy spaghetti and disappointed with the escargots, this really make me get sick of its taste too since it's cheesy...
Maybe next time when I go again, I will give it a chance to prove its worth! HAHA.

 Tiramisu Cake (SGD4.90 nett)
You can taste the wine and it was moist enough! :)

 Panna Cotta (SGD4.90 nett)
Tried this after the tiramisu so I couldn't taste much!
Had this milky eggy taste!

Chocolate Lava (SGD5.90)
No lava one lehhhh, and the vanilla icecream was already melting when it was served to me.
I guess dark chocolate lovers will enjoy this since it's kind of bitter?

Free flow drinks with every meal purchased at SGD2.80 nett if I didn't remember wrongly.
They have a drinks station with so many kind of drinks, hot or cold!
But the time I went with the girls, we had free flow drinks and they didn't charge it to our bills so I am not very sure how it works!

Haha I guess that sort of summarises my trip there! :)

Details if you're interested (click the name for link):
1 Jalan Anak Bukit
Bukit Timah Plaza #02-24C
Singapore 588996
Tel 64675992

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