Wednesday, January 16, 2013

#590 - Food As Motivation #20 - Lenas Cafe

This F.A.M. was super long ago (like the day I removed my stitches) with Mum and Brother at Lenas Cafe!
It was joined together with MOF の My Izakaya!
Been wanting to try their pastas since longgg.

Both my brother and I had pastas while Mum had Japanese food!

White Wine Deluxe Seafood Pasta (SGD16.90)
Bro ordered this but I couldn't eat because of the seafood. He said it's not bad, you could taste the white wine but the mussels were overcooked or sth!

Carbonara Creamoso (SGD14.90 w/o egg yolk)
Very very rich and creamy, not bad but you'd get sick of it in a while!

And the absurd thing is the egg yolk wasn't included in the $14.90 price and they actually charge $1 for the egg yolk!!
Yes how can there be no egg yolk for carbonara? It's incomplete please!!!
Even in the picture for their carbonara description, there is egg yolk on top lor!
I even told the waitress about it LOL.

Their service sucks, very slow and they charged for iced water! (N)
Utensils were dirty, you can literally find food pieces on most of it, no joke!
Even though I've only tried like one of their dishes, I don't really have a good impression of this restaurant already, or maybe it's just this outlet I patronise? :/

Details if you're interested (click the name for link):
63 Jurong West Central 3
Jurong Point #03-42/47
Singapore 648331
Tel 67923617

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