Thursday, January 3, 2013

#587 - Belated Christmas Gift Exchange & 2013 Countdown with Shrimmies

Finally meet up with the Shrimmies!! :)
This is only part of the whole gang but I was glad that many was able to turn up!

We had steamboat dinner and belated Christmas gift exchange and then sort of counted down to the new year with a BANG (pun intended, credits to May)! :D

First we shopped for food (oh how much I love grocery shopping) and then we sort of decided to make beef dumplings and also beefballs since we were within our budget!

And I can say that they were a success! :D

The girls prepared the food while the guys slacked away!

The beef was gooooood, we added just black pepper (koped from Macdonald's HAHA), red chilis, chili powder and garlic!

Chicken curry look-alike which is actually Bulgogi Chicken!

Took lots of videos and it's such a pity I couldn't upload any on YouTube for idkwhat reason. :(

But all of us had fun and it was a night filled with laughter during the gift exchange time!
With all the different varieties of gifts, there are random phone holder, fart sound prank thingy, anti-ageing yogurt pack and all!
YouTube why you no let me upload the videos!!! :(

I got a passport holder and socks but I traded with Yili because she got Patrick which is like something she wouldn't like plus I have no passport yet so I can't really put the holder to good use so yeahhh.

-Rant starts-
But as much as I like Patrick, receiving a softtoy now seems kind of impractical since I can't do anything with it. And I guessed it's quite 'lucky' in a way that it's a girl who got the Patrick present, imagine what can a guy do with a softtoy.... (not in some dirty sense lahh)
Salihin, are you reading this not!!!! Get something USEFUL next time please! Unisex gift lehh!!
I am 20 now yo!!

And here's my Patrick which looks kinda weird because of its pants...
Salihin claimed that it's from Kiddy Palace so it shouldn't be fake.
But why get a gift from Kiddy Palace...

Now I am thinking of Haiqel's gift aka the phone holder with the pricetag still on which made everyone decide not to get because it doesn't seem useful and then I realise the gift makes things easier when charging a phone if my wire is too short and the table is too low...
Should have get that. I can't do anything with Patrick except hug it.

Okay Miss Chua, stop hiamming. :/
-Rant ends-

Then we rounded off the night with super yummy Fairprice icecream and BANG, plus Werewolves!!

As usual, group photos!
Supposed to look stern but the girl burst out in laughter at the last second thus explaining our expressions.
I couldn't hold it in. #unglammax
Look at Kunda!!!

Ending this entry with polaroids we took! :)
Thanks to Shakilah's bf, Hafiz who took the group shots for us!

Syahirah left early! :(

Shakilah said I have got copy paste face! Hahaha, not the first time I am hearing this! :X
But anyway yay, I got the correct self-shot angle! :)

Special princess frame! :D

 Meet up soon with full gang next time kayy!!

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