Tuesday, January 1, 2013

#586 - New Year Resolutions for 2013

Time of the year again for my New Year Resolutions (NYR)!! :)

Let's see what I set for myself last year!

New Year Resolutions for 2012 
- Stop setting resolutions that I can never fulfill 
- Get a baking oven and bake bake bake 
- Cook more dishes 
- Study/mug real hard, never letting the same thing happen to me this year happen again 
- Swear less 
- Be happier

HAHA first resolution is (Y).
And yes I got a baking oven but regarding the bake bake bake part, I have still yet to achieve because of my failure in baking tasty cupcakes. Nevermind, 再接再厉!!
Cook more dishes? Definitely!! Go search #shufenkitchen on Instagram and you'd know! Mostly of pastas though! :P
Higher GPA? Yes I hit this toooooo. Not good enough but I improved quite a lot compared to last 2 semesters! :)
Ehhhhh study/mug real hard? *coughs* *sheepish grin*
Swear less? Definitely!! Not that I swear a lot anyway lahh.
Be happier? Did my best! 

Well well, seems like it's good to not set super difficult resolutions because I can achieve it easily. :D

Anyway, I was looking through my NYR for the previous years and saw two that I achieved/sort of achieved at the end of 2012!

- Be more persistent in pasting double eyelids stickers (HAHAH weird NYR but yes, I pasted double eyelids stickers for the last week of 2012 and I guess the double eyelids are able to show naturally now! Awesomeeee. But I very 'kiasu', scared the double eyelids will 'run away', so Imma continue pasting the stickers for at least a month or until my supply of double eyelids stickers run out! :))
- Book an appointment with a dentist and extract all of my wisdom teeth (Hello yes, look who just did her wisdom teeth surgery!!)

Okay resolutions for this year!!

New Year Resolutions for 2013
- Get my braces up for straight teeth
- Lose weight hand in hand with getting braces (I think once you have the determination, it's really easy to achieve. Been able to resist eating supper nowadays and I think after my surgery, my appetite got smaller.) 
- Higher GPA (Yes I definitely need this)
- Finish watching Family Outing Season 1 soon (Who am I kidding? There are like 85 episodes and I am only at ep 15. And one ep is around 80 - 100 mins...)
- More varieties of cooking and baking
- Grow up and be able to think more maturely
- Save up (This year I spent too much on clothes and food. I think I have like >15 pieces of brand new clothes and I am gonna have trouble deciding what to wear for Chinese New Year, LOL. This has got to stop. Less food should be okay since I wanna lose weight. I can still F.A.M. once in a purple moon, hee.)
- RUN (Where did the crazy motivation for it before my examinations go to!!! I need to get this back! *thinks of the girl I saw on Instagram with a tummy and now NO TUMMY which motivated me a lot back then*)


I don't need or want those abs of steel like her because that's too scary...
I just want no tummy pretty please?
Her tips are cardio and weights because we cannot simply just target one area aka the tummy area, since we'd be training muscles BUT the fat will cover the muscles built so it's no pointtttt.
Need to runnnn and train the cores!!!

Something like this, is it too much to ask for?
HAHA the only way I can achieve this is when I sleep for like super super long without fooooood.

*Photos credits to @sugarrandspice!

Okay lahh, that's all. I don't want to aim too high and then get disappointed!
Have a good year ahead everyone!
Happy 2013!! :)

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