Sunday, February 16, 2014

#684 - Updates

Last week, I had 2 free lunches! :D
Hahaha, one was a treat from the boss and another was because my attachment company had CNY lunch.

We all headed to Tung Lok Xihe at The Grandstand for lunch!

 It was a rather satisfying meal and I was super full towards the end!

We took a company photo too but I don't have the photo with me. :(

With the two other interns, Jovia and Chole. :)

Met Raine later after work, we headed to Marymount to meet some agent because I want to look for weekend jobs!

Initial plan was to meet both Lynette and Raine for SHIOK!!! Maki but Lynette fell sick that day so it left us two. So with no plans in mind, we headed to Junction 8 for food and ended up at the cosy Starbucks at Bishan CC where we spent the night catching up (adulterous pair HAHAHA), bitching about the usuals and camwhoring hahaha.

 She loves her boyfriend soooo much she did this. ._.

 This comic strip goes like this...
1. Me: Eh look down look down.
2. Me: Eh look up look up.
3. Me: *turns to look at Raine*
Raine: What, you want me to look at you?
4. Me: *thinks to self* Bitch please, who wants you to look at me?!

Above shots were really for real and I swear we didn't plan for this to happen. LOL.

I love my... 小毛. Hehe, favourite picture of all somehow.

Happy night spent! :)


So... recently, I've been watching You Who Came From The Stars, and I must say I am really smitten with Kim Soo Hyun. *.*

He's not exactly that handsome, like he doesn't have a sharp nose, no big eyes, no double eyelids (he has a good bod though lol), BUT I like him in the show. HAHA.
There's just something about him that makes me attracted.
Cool guy style perhaps, want to smile don't want smile, hold back his feelings kind wahhhhh. Of course in real life, no woman will like their man to be like this luh.
Reminds me of So Ji Sub who acted in Master's Sun. Same kind of style. (Y)
And I loveeeee guys with thick fringe. Haha.

I remembered telling Jovia that day "He's not handsome but I like him!" and she was like what the hell! Hahaha.

Coincidentally, it's his birthday today! Haha.


#ootd for the 5th week of IA! I did try to wear more coloured clothings this week.

 Hope everyone had a good weekend, X

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