Thursday, February 13, 2014

#683 - Brother's Army Enlistment

Applied my supposed off-in-lieu Monday off on Wednesday to send my brother to Tekong! :)
Woke up super early that day like at 530am, please pardon my bad hair, small eyes, cui and bloated face. I cannot stand it too LOL. #youhavebeenwarned

Wore nicer to make up for it lolol.

We reached too early, like it took us 25 minutes to reach Pasir Ris from Choa Chu Kang. Totally impressed!

Macdonalds' to pass time...

Caught le cute daddy watching the soccer news on TV!

 My slit eyes HAHAHA.

Off we go to Tekong!
 The ferry air conditioner was at full blast. :O

The journey was a fast one.

We took the bus here and were led by our goodlooking guide in smart four (!!!) to view the bunks and army equipment.

Chilled at this quite dirty canteen a while before we headed to the auditorium for some short talks and also to witness the Oath Taking Ceremony.

Probably the most boring video ever unless you are interested in what they said in the oath. I didn't even bother to replay it at all.

Headed for the lunch provided after that!

Okay okay average edible food haha. I thought that green bean soup was some thick herbal soup and proceeded to drink it after eating a few bites of my rice, end up what I expected to be salty was sweet and I was like bleahhh.

It was time to part!
 Annyeong! See you in two weeks time!! :D

Was expecting LMZ to tear but she didn't, end up my dad was the one who had red and teary eyes. Aww..

 On the way back, the tides had came in, the weather was super windy and the view was so pretty. :)

 You've got to see it to believe it.

 Love this photo the most, look at the 50 shades of blue in this photo itself!

Erm nothing much, just want to redeem myself by uploading a photo of me with zero bloated face. Taken the next day!

Till then, X

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