Tuesday, February 11, 2014

#682 - Chinese New Year Day One (初三)

Helios had a mini house visiting on Sunday! Joined the whole day since the other gathering with Shrimmies was cancelled!

First stop was to Yanjie's house! Yay to Zac who drove all of us there! :)
Got our lunch settled there too before heading to Hong Hui's house to 拜年 and gamble!

Joined only after the second round and won... $0.95 hahaha.

Am very much in love with the huge-ass mirror at Hong Hui's house. :D

Okay last stop was at Kenneth's house!

And the highlight of his house is his dog, Panda!
This dog was so shy at the start but started warming up to us towards the end.

Dinner was a yummy affair, we all had so many helpings of the soup heh.

Okay shifting the attention back to Panda...

He even brought his apple soft toy to me because he wanna play fetch... AWW.
Played fetch with him while the rest mahjong-ed away.

I was about to conclude that I might just be not afraid of dogs anymore, until another dog came (a corgi) a while later and she was so hyper, all my fear resurfaced. LOL.

Okay here on onwards will be Panda (and me) filled. :D
Towards the end, Panda got tired and didn't want to play fetch with me anymore... so it's just me trying to pose with a dog that doesn't care about my existence. :(

You see? He totally can't be bothered with me...
But nevermind, I persevered on... and then went to mahjong a while.
Jolene and I shared a seat and we won $26! Yayyyy! :D

 Rest of the night were spent playing with Panda and making him look at the camera!

Ending this entry with a photo I really love, thanks Junye!

"Good things come to those who wait."
HAHA. Look at this, posing with me finally!!

Anyway, I really like Panda! Like I totally have zero fear when playing with him. Once he jumped up on me like so enthusiastically, but I wasn't like screaming or anything, just keeping my cool asking why did he jumped so suddenly. Just a little scared. A LITTLE. And that is saying something, coming from someone who got scared of dogs ever since a chihuahua did that to her when she was in primary school. Please, clap for me... (Y)

Enjoyed myself that day, thanks Yanjie, Hong Hui and Kenneth for hosting and Zac for the car rides! :)

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