Sunday, February 9, 2014

#681 - Money As Motivation

I was reading Sophie Willocq's askfm and feeling kind of sad because almost everyone younger than me has a lot a lot more money than me. Although I am not sure if they save all that themselves, or they got it from their parents, it is still kind of 'depressing' to know.

Used to be like them before I got into University, and now with majority of the money going into school fees (and probably online shopping, stopping it already), I am no longer like them anymore. :(

Initially I set saving up money as a resolution this year and haven't really got down to doing it. But somehow I guess I started to mature a bit (lol) and thought about the future. Whenever I spend money on something, I will consider very long about it. Also, I have since stopped Food As Motivation trips if you realise. After reading SW's askfm, it felt like a slap in the face (if I may exaggerate the seriousness of it). Furthermore, I might be going to Korea for summer studies and it will probably cost me a lot. All these make me more motivated to save up more now.

Due to IA, the only time I am free is only the weekends. Raine just got me a one-day job on the 23rd and I can't wait to do it and get the money already hahaha. Yupp, so I will really put my mind to save up enough money! #moneyasmotivation


#ootd for the 4th week of IA! Can't believe I've been on attachment for a month already! 16 weeks left to go! :)

4 outfits only because I took a day off for Brother's army enlistment, which I will blog about soon!
Anyway, I think I need to start wearing bright colours because my #ootd for last week is so dull hahaha.

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