Saturday, February 8, 2014

#680 - Chinese New Year Day Two (初二)

 So I was complaining that Day 2 of Chinese New Year was boring...
Then my parents decided to head to the grandparents' house and I thought I'd tag along if my cousin go if not I'd be damn bored...

So yup I went in the end.
Anyway all my photos recently have been rather overexposed because I kept using... Food mode to take pictures. Hahaha gives my face a smooth finish! :P


 Our rather similar coordinates with skater flared skirts, nope we didn't plan that.
Loving both the prints! Floral and blackwatch!!! ❤

 Le bro posing with cousin's denim jacket hahaha.
He was the one who took most of our photos. ;)

 There were spectators today as well...

 Candid crazy moment which looked like I was doing the Gong Xi Fa Cai handsign. #siaozhabor

 We played with Coco before dinner! He's not hyper at all, and that's what I love.
Because I can get near and pat it with zero fear! :)

I am still afraid of Sparkii (golden retriever at grandparents' house) though. :/

This series of photos below were taken using the app Camera360, which explains our super unnatural flawless skin...

 Another unplanned thing, we've got similar watches, both from Naked Glory! ^^

Okay Day 2 ended rather normally! Will blog about Day 3 next, stay tuned! :)

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