Wednesday, February 5, 2014

#679 - Chinese New Year Day One (初一)

Starting the entry with a family photo like how I've been doing for the past 3 years! :)
(LMZ was lazy to wear her heels to walk to my paternal grandparents' house she wore that. ._.)
Every year, Chinese New Year gets more and more boring. There isn't really much to do during visitings anymore except gambling but nowadays it seems, less people go around doing house visitings already which is really sian.

First stop in the morning was to my maternal grandparents' house!
Super love the good lighting there which makes one face super flawless, every year I never fail to take lots of photo there in front of the window.
(Actually this whole entry will be filled with my face. #warning #notkidding)
There are 5 videos in this entry too!!

 Mega (Y) to my brother who very automatically kept taking candid photos. I never say this before but I think I secretly like candid photos being taken because sometimes you can find some nice ones from the many! Guys please learn, LOL. Girls always pretend they don't like, but I am sure deep inside they do. ;)

 Okay I admit I was posing for the 2 above!

He just went to the army today, I am definitely gonna miss him!!

This is what I meant by super good lighting. Face also can become flawless hahaha.

Headed home and went to the paternal grandparents' house after a while. We were the first to reach, so le bro and I went to the top level to chill!

I guess these shall count as my #ootd shots.

Self entertainment at its best.

Cousins commented this look like those photos you can find in a book where they show the author's face. ._.

A short story about my necklace I copied pasted from my Dayre, if you realise it's made up of horses.

"My necklace was kind of a coincidence. Got it in BKK last year because I quite like it. Then I bought this dress and was wondering which necklace I can match it with... then I saw this. And it's the horse year!! So 刚好right!!!"

So yup.

I even took quite a few videos, decided to upload only this in the end.

What I meant was Polaroid camera not Polaroid and yeah I am aware my face got rounder. :(

Cousins came! No need to look so foreveralone. *rejoices* 

With our cute nephews! :)

 Rayden why you so cuteeee!

Actually all also cute, I have a soft spot for kids especially when...

They hold your hand tightly and refuse to let go. AWWWWW. :)

Chilling by the jacuzzi.

 Pretty cousin #ootd! ^^

 Erm our mini photoshoot attracted a lot of onlookers aka my uncles and aunties plus le mom and dad.

Late night saw us 捞-ing some frozen 鱼生. Hahahaha.
Quite a lot of relatives left already leaving us few!

Videos for you!!!

My pretty 表姐s who stayed till late that day! :)

Ending the entry with another same same but different family photo!

Till then, X

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