Thursday, January 30, 2014

#678 -

Hello hello! :) Half day work today because it's Chinese New Year's eve! Still can't believe it's CNY already! Time flies uh!!

Actually I have nothing much to say here, update quite a bit on my Dayre today already, do check there for updates k! I think it's one of my longest so far. :)

Probably updating about my CNY on the go so for latest news, go or follow me @ShufenChua. :)

Will definitely blog the main entries for CNY here though!

Till then, it's #ootd for my third week!

Keeping it simple, till then!

Anyway, if anyone cares, my double eyelids are back, yeah baby!!!! Just in time for CNY. :D
Worked and tired myself last Sunday and they decided to revisit me, a permanent one I hope.

Happy Chinese New Years, folk! :)

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