Sunday, January 26, 2014

#677 - The Art of Making a Perfect Ramen Egg

*looks at title* I obviously do not know how and this entry is not about how to make perfect ramen eggs, I just wanna ayg share my experience in making them. Anyone cheated into coming here? :P

So last Sunday, The (Doh) Bitches had a mini potluck at Lynette's house! She blended her pesto sauce recently and wanted to make pesto spaghetti for us so it ended up being a mini potluck session.

Typing this out at this time of the night when I am hungry... and I can never say no to pasta. ._.

So she made a huge pot of pasta (which I am pretty certain I can finish all by myself, I think I ate 3/5 of it that day hahah), japanese curry and even had roasted duck bought by her parents for add-on.

I contributed the ramen eggs. So let's move on to the highlight of this entry which is the ramen egg.

So first, let me share a very long and windy story of making ramen eggs. Totally extracted from WhatsApp convo hahaha.

Ramen egg is a challenge to make. Anything more than the supposed time will make it too hard-boiled and anything less, you get too runny eggs with the whites still uncooked. Then.... when you think you get the perfect egg, that's when the peeling of the eggshells kills you. The perfect ramen egg is so wobbly and 脆弱 and any slight move your egg will just pijak (which was what happened to some of mine). Soooo i wasted like 4-5 eggs and my bro and i ended up having to eat them halfboiled like those yakun one hahaha. And the timing really v hard to gauge hais. I never even make hard-boiled eggs in my life. So it's sth very new to me. Then okay once the eggs are done (cui beyond recognition for some, and one which i believe cooked too long and is hardboiled since it's quite firm to the touch), i soaked them in the marinade which i think was a little too sweet. But..... *highlight* I gave to Raine she said tasted like the ramen stores one!!! *tears in eyes*

AND the supposedly hard-boiled egg (if you ever read that huge chunk) was a perfect ramen egg. *more tears*

Yeah 'nuff said, pics or it didn't happen.

*stomach growls a little looking at the spaghetti*
Look at that!!!! I chose the "hard-boiled" egg to cut (which I did a pretty bad job at) but it's runny and it tasted okay.
Omg yay!!! After making a mess in the kitchen experimenting the timing to get perfect slight runny eggs, I succeeded!! :D

But I am not gonna be making ramen eggs anytime soon I guess...

Oh and if anyone's interested, here's where I got my recipe from:!

Raine made us peach icing cake-in-a-jar for desserts and we had them while shopping for bags on Taobao! $29 for a crossbody and structured bag, so cheap!! Hopefully they look like what is shown in the pictures, can't wait for them to arrive already!

My nose is so humongous it caught all the light. :(


#ootd for my second week of IA!

 Wore spectacles the last three days because I think I scratched my cornea while removing my contacts wts.

Oh and last thing, I went for my 11th set of braces' appointment already!
Watch this video I posted on Dayre! Dayre readers always get first hand information one hahaha. Even what I eat during IA every single day lolol.

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