Wednesday, January 22, 2014

#676 - Belated 21st Birthday Celebration with Le Shrimmies

Great Friday spent last week with this bunch! :)
Missing Sourheart, Yunhui and Salihin!

Bali Thai for the first time, and I love the Green Curry a lot! :D

 Headed to Haiqel's house after and played The Resistance and Charades!

Oh and I remembered something quite funny when we were randomly talking before the games started. So.. we were talking and asking each other about GPA this semester and I was telling Kunda how I cannot get to second upper even if I max cap for the remaining semesters. Then guess what he said?!

"你算了." (which means you forget it)

I was like :O and May too! We were like shocked Kunda actually said that 'cause it's nice Kunda we are talking about here. Damn hurtzxzx. T.T HAHAHA but what he actually meant was "你算了?" which means you calculated already? Cheyyyy LOL. 

 Awkward moment when they took out this and started singing Happy Birthday hahaha.
Thanks for the bag (using it already if you have seen on my Dayre!) and necklaces! :) I will use them well.

 By the way, Charades was so fun that night! Especially towards the end when we played the music category. It's just kinda frustrating yet funny when one is singing the song for you to guess and you could actually sing along but not remember the title. We played till like 1 plus am in the morning and said "Okay this one last game ah!"for like at least 10 times I think! Haha poor Kunda, who was stuck at the corner and couldn't leave when he actually has IPPT in the morning the next day.

On the way home, acting like we own this road. The weather has been so windy lately!
Pardon my auntie hair, it was so hot in the room where we played Charades! Getting out of the room feels like stepping into an air-conditioned place, serious.

One last photo of us!
Posted this on Instagram with a somewhat mushy message, something I usually wouldn't do to friends LOL.

Can't wait for the next meet-up and hopefully we can get full or even near to full attendance. :)

Ohhh and le best butt so random and funny haha.
She immediately WhatsApped me this less than a minute later I posted the above photo on Instagram.
*Babi with the 2 hearts for name is she set for her LINE display name one, I not so lovey dovey to friends one LOL*

Erm compliments are free, so... just accept? Hahaha.
Not true but 自己看了爽. :B

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