Sunday, January 19, 2014

#675 - Meet Ups / Food As Motivation #37 - Two Chefs Eating Place

Probably gonna be the last of my F.A.M. in a long time. *cues sad music*
But it's all for the sake of saving up!

Two Chefs Eating Place with The (Doh) Bitches last week!

But before that we had yummy beef noodles at my ex-ex workplace at Toa Payoh!
Miss it so such, but its standard seemed to have dropped. :(
The taohuay there is still good though, better than LaoBan and 51!

It's all actually pretty normal except maybe the Butter Pork Ribs.

 Three-Egg Vegetable (SGD10)
Century Egg, Egg and Salted Egg with Spinach. Wish the spinach was finer..

 Flammulina Beancurd (SGD10)
The name a bit cheem, I had to google for its meaning lol. It's basically just golden mushrooms with tofu lahh. Saw a lot of tables having it and thus we ordered. But I feel the taste is a little not right somehow. :/

马来面 (SGD4)
Raine ordered this instead of rice (SGD0.50) and it is just mee goreng. Not bad but gets jelat after a while.

 Butter Pork Ribs (SGD12)
We had the middle portion which I feel is quite miserable. There were too little pieces!
The taste was pretty decent and I love the milk powder!! :D
Downside was the pork ribs were lukewarm?

Would I come back again? Probably not. The butter pork ribs was slightly above average to me only and the rest of the dishes were average.

Details if you're interested (click the name for link):
Two Chefs Eating Place
116 Commonwealth Crescent 1 #01-129
 Singapore 140116
 Tel 4725361

Fast forward to the next day where I met the Hey Soul Sistaz in the afternoon for shopping! Syahirah just came back from India and she gave us really yummy biscuits. :)
Too bad we forgot to take photos AGAIN. ._.

Ended the night again with The (Doh) Bitches and their 另一半s (ya I am fine with this) chilling at Clarke Quay.

My Martini Lychee!

Plus Mojito which left me with Doraemon-looking arms after that if you remember me uploading it a few entries ago.
Btw, I went to the doctor since the swelling didn't go down after 2 days.
Doctor said that it's an allergy and the more alcohol I consume, the more serious my symptoms will be next time. This means no more alcohol forever! O.O *not that I am an avid drinker anyway*


The girlsssss.

Very act but I don't careeee. Hahaha.


#ootd for the first week of work! Making really good use of my dresses. :)
Can get first hand updates daily of them on my Dayre! *self-plug a bit too much here*

Stuffed my mouth full of butterfly bun hahaha.

JCube's mirror needs some wiping!

Overly enthusiastic face because I am going for a run later! 

Act one demure, my LMZ said very demure looking, my brother said dress too long.

IMM's Adidas, I love your mirror hahaha.

Okay that's all till the next update! :)

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