Monday, August 2, 2010

#264 - Food

Okay okay I know this blog is going to die soon so I popped by to revive it.

Since there's no chemistry remedial today as Ms Loon is sick, I shall make use of the time to blog (about food).

Actually nothing much, I am just gonna upload a few photos of food I ate these few days, add a few words and then that's it. :D

Last Friday I had dinch with Raine at Fish&Co.

Raine had a student meal deal with this simple pasta and drink to go.

I had the seafood platter for one and all I can say is, if you're really hungry, go for this.
The rice (underneath the calamari) given is in a large portion and I ended up giving Raine most of my fries.

I had it with a side and a drink.

Passionfruit Soda. Nothing to scream about, just some fizzy drink.

Cream of mushroom, freaking thick and nice. :)


Last Saturday, I had dinner at Xin Wang Taiwan Cafe.

The cute menu caught my eyes.

Sad enough, the food there was mediocre only.

Oyster meesua left me disappointed, I think Shihlin's tastes so much better!
It was pretty bland and even though I added chili flakes, the noodles still taste blah.

My brother had some pork and mushroom thickened soup with rice.
Once again, the food was not that great.
I had a taste of the soup and it tasted plastic.
Thankfully, the rice made up for the loss.

Perhaps we have chosen the wrong food so I should not be too quick to judge. :)
Saw another table having chicken/pork chop with rice set and the chicken/pork chop filled half the plate ie. the big plate in the picture above! :O
Maybe I should try it someday.

Even though the food we had that day wasn't really nice, my brother and I agreed that the iced honey lemon was fab. (Y)
Definitely better than those chinese medicinal stores and SweetTalk's.
A must-try!!! :D



 I miss eating the chicken rice at Jurong East. :(
I sort of grow up eating the chicken rice over there.
The soup with the soft cabbage~ *salivates*

 KFC gravy?
Uh-uh, KFC mashed potato IN gravy!
So much right!!!! :D
By the way, this tastes nicer when you add the sweet chili and mix them together! 

 Not forgetting Subway!
Love the Subway Melt and Chicken Teriyaki.
And that YewTee has got Subway Student Price at $5.50 for a 6-inch Sub and set! YAY.

All this food talk is making me hungry.
Shall go and cook some Indomie to satisfy this stomach.
Goodbye! :)

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