Monday, August 9, 2010

#266 - Happy National Day

Happy National Day, Singapore!!!

I am such a patriotic girl that I went to get my hand tattooed with the Singapore flag!

The J1 who helped me with my tattoo didn't paste it correctly end up my flag one side big one side small. :(
But nevermind, it looks as though my flag is like moving along in the wind's direction right?
Hahaha, I am so gooooood at finding excuses to make myself better.

Chey, actually this was tattooed on Friday where there were free tattoos for the school's National Day celebrations. -.-

Now all that's left is just a faint imprint of the red colour part at the top left corner.

Anyway, I think I am patriotic lor!

I painted my toenails red!

Okay maybe that's what most of us girls thought of to commemorate National Day so you think I lack creativity right?

Let me show you something else I have that no one would have.

Last night, I hurt my elbow and it bled.
(It's considered National Day already because it was 1am then)

Then of all shape and sizes of cuts and the way the cuts bleed, mine was a little red dot leh!!!

There! So cute right!

Little red dot = Singapore!

So I deserve the most patriotic Singaporean award right?
Bleed also bleed with meaning! :D


Always like how Google thinks of creative images to put for special occasions.
This time for Google Singapore, they had students design the icons.
Here's the winning piece!

Chio right? It represents Singapore too! :D

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