Friday, December 27, 2013

#665 - Day trip to Malaysia w Hey Soul Sistaz

Met with Hey Soul Sistaz the day right after I got back from Bangkok!
See May until sian already lolol.

Headed to Malaysia to eat.. Seoul Garden. LOL yup.
Because it is way cheaper there and we wanted a day trip to Malaysia!

Maybe next time if one of us has car, we can go deeper in! :)

 Bought donuts and spent value time catching up while getting fat together hahaha.
Actually wanted to catch a movie but there weren't any worth watching. :/

And I got a crepe to munch on because I didn't get to satisfy the crepe craving in Bangkok! #mystomachisbottomless No more strawberries so settled for banana. Lost count of how many banana-related food I had during those few days man.

Alright, was a fruitful trip and an 'eye-opener' for me I guess since I've never been to Malaysia before. :)

Till then, signing off with a fail shot of ourselves!

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