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#664 - Food As Motivation #30 - The Sushi Bar

Merry Christmas everyone! ^^

I am finally back with my F.A.M. entries after two months plus, going to clear my backlog man!
Will be updating every 2-3 days so do check back okayy!

Today's feature is a Japanese eatery which I am sure many heard about due to the widespread of it on the social platform Instagram.

The Sushi Bar has been opened since October 2012 but it's only this year that it has risen to fame and many people say that the Salmon Aburi are second to Shiok!!! Maki.
Of course, there are also a few other yummy food there.

An advise: Make reservations or be prepared to queue for quite some time! The second time I was there, I queued for nearly an hour I think. Memory's failing me. D:

The restaurant (can I even call it a restaurant?) is rather small, definitely not a place for big groups and they even make getting water self-service in that small space. ._.

Chawanmushi (SGD2.80)
Skip this, it was too bland, I swear I can easily make better tasting ones.

Sirloin Steak (100gm / 200gm - SGD14.90 / SGD28.90)
The steak was bloody good. I am not kidding about the bloody part
I feel disgusted, as if I am some carnivore after looking at the bloody plate polished clean of meat. But 真的很好吃.
The sauces that went along with them was yummy as well, yummy to be eaten alone, just like LJS's cheese. :D

Erm I realise you will save $0.11 *inclusive of GST and service charge* if you were to order 2 separate 100gm of this than 200gm of these. Hmmm.

Scallop Mentaiyaki (SGD13.90)
Thinly sliced, this was a hefty price to pay.
Why they give so little mentaiko!!!

Salmon Don (SGD15.90)

Salmon & Ikura Don (SGD18.90)
Salmon slices were thick, and the ikura were juicy and did not give a fishy aftertaste.
The rice was soft and plump and gave off slight seasame oil flavour.
What's there to complain, really? :)

But it depends on your visit I guess. As this entry was compiled from two visits, the second time when my friend and I had the Salmon Don, it was pretty average tasting and the rice was quite sticky.
Ichiban Boshi's tasted better then plus it's also cheaper.
Also, the first time when I visited this place, they didn't have a lot of food on the menu available.

Now for the highlight:

Salmon Aburi (SGD14.50)
In my opinion, this was better than Shiok!!! Maki. The latter was too overpowering for me, too full of flavours which tend to make you jelat after a while.
This, however, had just the right amount of taste and the slightly torched salmon went really well with the tiny dollop of mentaiko. :)

Do I sound like a food critic in the above paragraphs? Hahaha.

Overall, I guess it was pretty good, I just hope they'd expand their dining area or something and also not like jack up prices and let it stay this way. The prices are already quite expensive in my opinion. Oh, and payment is by cash only so I sure hope next time they can make NETS/Cards payment available!

Details if you're interested (click the name for link):
The Sushi Bar
14 Scotts Road
Far East Plaza #03-89
Singapore 228213
Tel 96536464

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