Monday, December 30, 2013

#667 - Food As Motivation #31/32 - Canopy Garden Dining & Bar/Wimbly Lu

Waiting to be picked up by Raine who had a car that day!
Supposed to be a late celebration for my birthday but I guess we didn't exactly celebrate uh? Where's my cake!! LOL. *coughs coughs*

Send her sister for her judo training at Nanyang Poly and thankfully it's near the place we were going for lunch!

Camwhored while waiting for Raine to look for the place on GPS.
And soon enough, we arrived at Canopy Garden Dining & Bar which is located at Bishan Ang Mo Kio Park!
Strange to have quite a number of cafes situated over there but 就是有!

On a Thursday morning, this place is still full of people!

Whenever I head to somewhere for brunch, I'd always order Eggs Benedict. My love for Eggs Ben will never die lolol. On the hunt for the best one (which I found the next day, blog about it soon!).

Eggs Benedict Classic (SGD13, added Sautéed Mushrooms +SGD3)
This was okay, pretty decent but nothing to shout about.
Eggs were perfectly poached though!

Eggs Oyako (SGD13)
The smoked salmon and roe tasted kinda fishy but the scrambled eggs made up for it.

Trio Fungi Tartufo (SGD18)
Raine had the fusilli changed to spaghetti which I feel was a good choice!
Not a pretty looking dish but it sure was yummy!
You can taste a slight taste of truffle and Raine polished off the whole plate clean.

Overall a pretty chillax place, perfect for people who live near there who craves for brunch fare I guess. There are a few other cafes nearby like eg. GRUB, will definitely come back the park again to try.

Details if you're interested (click the name for link):
Canopy Garden Dining & Bar
Bishan Park II
1382 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1
Singapore 569931
Tel 65561533

Making good use of having a car and drove to Wimbly Lu for desserts!

The place was located at some terrace houses/bungalows place and it's definitely not a place to go if you have no car! Spot the VW Beetle just outside it and you'd know you got the right place.

Wanted to try the Root Beer Cake initially because it was highly raved, but our stomachs and wallets could only afford two! And Raine being Raine, doesn't care about what's more popular and more recommended and wanted the Sticky Date Pudding so we settled for that and waffles.

Sticky Date Pudding (SGD5)
Thank goodness this was good. Rich and yummy!

Waffle w Icecream (of your choice + toffee/choc/maple syrup) (SGD8.50)
Erm to be honest, I've tasted better waffles. Like the one at Alfredo ARTISAN Gelato.
This had an overpowering starchy flour taste like those Jollibean pancakes (eew). The icecream we chose, Salted Caramel didn't make up for it too. It was so salty! Not sure if it's only that day that the waffles tasted this way but yeah, not worth it.
I love the plate though lol.

I am still coming back to try the Root Beer Cake and Molten Lava Cake next time (provided I got a car)!

Details if you're interested (click the name for link):
Wimbly Lu
15-2, Jalan Riang Singapore
Singapore 358987
Tel 62891489

Next stop was at Party World @ City Vibe for K! :)
Has been long since I last sang. 3 hours of singing was just right because towards the end, we were like skipping most of the songs and lamenting why we chose so many emo ones.

Headed to Westgate thereafter to look for Pandora charms but those I wanted were oos. :(
By the way, it's really hard to find a parking lot man, we had to park the care at some random estate's carpark and walked over to Westgate because both Westgate and JEM's carparks were FULL.
Bought yummy bread from Johan though, which we snacked while deciding where to head for dinner. Very happening day I know, jam packed w activities one.

Last stop was at Hong Kiat Seafood Restaurant, which was a zichar place near our house!
Raine was craving for Sambal KangKong while I just wanted something to drink because the chocolate croissants made me really thirsty. D:
Turns out there wasn't anymore KangKong and we had Sambal Sweet Potato Leaves (lol) and some 'fake' Oyster Omelette. Why can't I find those yummy oyster omelette here in the west!! Super love the egg and corn starch of the omelette dipped in the chilli man!! ^^

Then it was home sweet home with that dinner!

 Thanks for the car ride! :D

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