Wednesday, January 1, 2014

#668 - New Year Resolutions for 2014

Making my NYR again like old times!

NYR for 2013, let's see what I have made just one year ago!

New Year Resolutions for 2013 
- Get my braces up for straight teeth
- Lose weight hand in hand with getting braces
- Higher GPA
- Finish watching Family Outing Season 1 soon
- More varieties of cooking and baking 
- Grow up and be able to think more maturely
- Save up

Erm yes I got my braces up already, on my 10th set already! :D
Lose weight? I just maintain and my weight fluctuates quite a little but heng never go back to 49 *those were the round days man*!
Higher GPA YESS! *fist in air* :D It's my best ever hitting an unexpected range omg breakthrough hahaha. 
FO Season 1 completed of course and I miss it so so much.
Erm not really a lot, but I mastered fried rice, bake an ombré cake and chocolate chips muffins when I had the time....
I am still trying hard on this, I think I learn a fair bit this year. :)
RUN. Yes I did a lot of runs this year, with the peak in July with 5 runs summing up to nearly 21km!
Got busy after the semester started and recently I only ran once in December. Need to buck up because my stamina dropped! No strikes because it was half fulfilled!

Okay so now it's time for my NYR for 2014!

New Year Resolutions for 2014
- Higher GPA (this is gonna be my resolution till 2015)
- Clear my skin scars by being diligent in applying aloe vera gel (skin is healing, don't want any more skin problems forever!!)
- RUN and keep fit
- Clear and sell away clothings I don't wear anymore and pack my bursting cupboard
- Appreciate people and things better
- Sleep early and not at wee hours

Short ones these time!

Oh ya, May asked me yesterday if I edited our camwhore photos in Thailand because we all looked so flawless lol. To 'clear the air', I only edit lightings for my photos in my entries! :) Took those flawless photos using my S3's front camera, no special effects or anything ah!

Okay that's all! I am all stinky from Mookata earlier, gonna bath and spend my night watching RM before I sleep, till then, X

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