Friday, January 3, 2014

#669 - Food As Motivation #33 - Choupinette

Gonna blog in more personal and 亲切 style lol, realise my F.A.M. entries like very cold and not engaging hahaha.

It was a mostly buses as transport day w my cousin the other day last year haha. Bused to town to get my braces done first! Appointment was at 11am and I was late for 20mins and got 'scolded' by my orthodontist. D: Delayed everyone's time she said. Was only attended to at 12plus. So hungry and guilty. Lol and I think I pick a colour that is too striking to be seen on my teeth this time. Some pastel lime green. Oops. Very self conscious now hahaha.

Met the cousin back at CCK and then we bused to Bukit Timah area for the best Eggs Benedict I ever tasted! Okay lahh, I didn't really try most of the Eggs Ben in SG, but this one at Choupinette really left a deep impression.

Ya, I booked the whole cafe hahaha. Actually I expected the cafe to be like quite packed but turns out there wasn't anyone here except for some taitais who had teas here after we were almost done w our brunch. Perhaps people were deterred by the slight drizzle since it had poured earlier in the morning.

Love the whole vibe of the cafe, very cosy and as it was the Christmas season, they played a lot of those jolly yet soothing seasonal pieces/french serenading songs (I have no idea what are they called).

We ordered 2 sets to share and each set comes with any hot drink and a fruit juice.

You can choose from hot chocolates to a variety of teas. I was feeling quite sinful then, thus I had green tea which was super nice!! And it came in a huge pot!

Pardon the blue hues, we were sitting by the window that day and the stormy sky casted this light...

Eggs Benedict (SGD22 inclusive of fruit juice and any hot drink as mentioned earlier)
This was so good, both my cousin and I said that we can each have another set all by ourselves.
Flavourful in every bite yet not too overpowering. The sauce was not jelat and really tasty. The eggs were well poached with runny egg yolks. *hearts in eyes* Wahhh craving for it now man!

That being said, they really very 厉害 earn money from people.
For ala carte Eggs Benedict, it's SGD20. With SGD2 difference, people sure wouldn't mind topping up to get the drinks which they feel is wuhua one.
But, the ala carte for drinks are so expensive, especially for the fruit juice. It costs SGD5/SGD5.50 for that cup!! The pot of tea on its own costs SGD5/SGD5.50 too. I can't remember which price is for which lahh, but that means the Eggs Benedict 'costs' SGD11.50 actually.
Erm yahh, I know I think a lot of this kind of cost thing lol.

Actually 22 really very expensive, sigh. Good and cheap don't go together for Eggs Ben. :(
Guess I shall have to explore the Eggs Ben's world at home and perfect mine!

The Tristan (SGD21 inclusive of fruit juice and any hot drink)
I love everything except the hard bread here!
Even the tomato okayy, usually I steer away from tomato because I don't really like the taste. Only have them in soups/Subway meals. But this grilled one was very yummy. The scrambled eggs were buttery and fragrant and the pork sausage was tasty with chilli bits in them. Not those porky tasting ones. The sauteed mushrooms were pretty decent too, not too strong tasting.

Polished everything off the plates clean, yeah even the hard bread. And then we chilled like taitais sipping our hot teas sheltered in this cosy cafe looking at the raindrops falling from the sky...

Oh by the way, there is no GST charges (guess they included everything in) for this restaurant.

Details if you're interested (click the name for link):
607 Bukit Timah Road
#01-01 (Next to Coronation Shopping Plaza)
Singapore 269708
Tel 64660613

Will continue this food trip soon in the next next entry! :)
By the way, I shared my New Year's Resolutions in the previous entry!

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