Sunday, January 5, 2014

#670 - Last Day of 2013

Spent the last day of my 2013 with May (but we never go countdown haha) having Mookata! Finally had my meat cravings satisfied. I loveeeee meat. Especially hearing them sizzle on the grill. Hahaha.

Photo credits to May.

No idea why but everytime I have meals with May, the food always somehow drop standard one lol. This time also for the soup. Had this so many times and that day was the first time the soup wasn't flavourful. That is, until towards the end, May brushed all the essence down using... a cabbage haha.
But I still love the marinated meat, very 香! The 老板娘 was nice enough to change all the prawns and pig liver to more chicken and pork, love!

New Udon Thai Food 
5001 Beach Road 
 Golden Mile Complex #01-55 
Singapore 199588 
 Open daily 11am to 9pm

We had no plans after that, and thus went to town to shop because there were so many sales.

Managed to get a skirt of Blackwatch (yes googled it) prints!! I fell in love with this print like out of a sudden one, keep seeing it *my Engrish hahah* and I really really love it. I am surprised at myself too, because I never really like checkered prints one. BUT my eyes now auto attracted whenever I see a Blackwatch printed item. And it's supposed to be the trend recently/now? *not trying to say I trendy or what, I just happen to like it lol* New season and I see a lot of this print appearing.

That day I saw this advertisement at Bugis Junction and there was a handsome angmoh model wearing a full suit of Blackwatch print and I was lovestruck for a while hahaha. So suave! Only angmohs can carry such look luh.

This one also not bad! Sharp nose and the Blackwatch printsssss. :D
Found this picture from here! Go seeee. Can I say I love most of the prints featured there? Except the Lumberjack ones, I love all! Although it's focusing on guys' wear, the prints are still so nice?? Like woahhhhh. But in reality, I don't like guys who dress well/are too fashionable. Hahaha, only for in lookbooks or fashion runway then I can accept. Okay I shall stop.

Oh and I got a dress from F21 for SGD15 only! Score! It wrote SGD27 on the price tag with no discounts or what then when I paid, the person said "That will be $15." I straightaway looked at May wide eye and deep inside I was like score! Hahahaha. Reminds me of the Zara heels incident where the same thing happened too. Yay! :D

Walked a fair bit before settling for late dinner at 4Fingers because the queue was short! Always wanted to try it but the queue deterred me (can use deter like this?). So this time I jumped at the chance lol. It's actually expensive to pay for a set meal with 6 small pieces of drumlets/buffalo wings at SGD9.95 I feel. Overall not bad tasting though. Had the mixed one, and boy, I thought the spicy ones were quite intense. Fire in the mouth. Old already, can't appreciate spicy stuff. :(

Left and boarded the train before the horde came. *play too much L4D2 hahaha* Bounced to Marina Bay and decided to train all the way back because of seats all the way. Quite a lot alighted at Marina Bay for the countdown only we two plus a few unhappening ones in train on the way home lolol.

Spent the last few minutes of 2013 with my parents watching the fireworks from my kitchen's window. Tired but happy. :)

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