Saturday, September 25, 2010

#286 - KFC

If you have the KFC coupons, go take a look at the Popcorn Shake pictures.

They make it seem so big and wuhua but trust me they're lying.

Don't believe, see this:

Smaller than the regular Pepsi drink cup and it is not even filled to the brim.

And it makes me more irritated when I went to the KFC's website and saw this:
Visuals shown are for illustration purposes only.

See their coupon which depicts on oh-so-big Popcorn Shake:
Wtf right. Don't need so exaggerating to make it seem so big and full right?!

And they dare to sell it for $4.50?!

So freaking expensive and SOOOOOO not value for money.

(remove some parts because they might be too offensive)

IMHO, I suggest eating at McDonald's instead.
Seaweed /Wasabi /Honey Chipotle nicer than the tangy zest seasoning!
And $4.50 at McDonald's during the lunch hours (McValue Lunch) can get you:

• Double Cheeseburger Extra Value Meal* (S$4.50)
• Filet-O-Fish Extra Value Meal* (S$4.50)
• McChicken Extra Value Meal* (S$4.50)
• McNuggets (six pieces) Extra Value Meal* (S$4.50)
• McWings (four pieces) Extra Value meal* (S$4.50)

*With Fries (Medium) and Coca Cola (Small)

Top up $0.50 and you can get:
• Big Mac Extra Value Meal* (S$5.00)
• McSpicy Extra Value Meal* (S$5.00)

Top up another $0.50 and you can get:
• Quarter Pounder with Cheese Meal* (S$5.50)

KFC Cheat One.

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