Saturday, September 25, 2010

#285 - Pastamania

The day after the IKEA trip, I went to have Pastamania at Lot 1. :D

 First thing I noticed when I stepped in was the orange and green balloons at the corner! ^^

Anyway, gotta love the student discount thing.
More wu hua then the membership one.
Member discount: 10% discount off ala-carte but not for combos.
Student discount: 30% discount off EVERYTHING.
Valid on weekdays 2-5pm.
And I found out from the website they have the 2-830pm till closing student discount on Mon - Thurs for students with the PastaManiac card and student card.

In case you were wondering, the PastaManiac card looks like this.

Combo B?
Minestrone soup suck that day, the ingredients inside not soft enough. :/

Basil Chick Aglio.

 Spicy Chicken.

 Had Hawaiian pizza to add on!
The chicken ham was too salty though.

Super casual that day because Lot 1 to me is so near I don't bother dressing up.
And yes, I took their balloons. LOL.

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