Sunday, September 19, 2010

#282 - Help me if you can!

Update: I think there's something wrong with the Nuffnang poll for voting so I am attaching a new one here now.

See below for pictures of the contact lens. :)

Hello to the you reading this entry now!
I need some help from you!!!
No please don't start leaving, I have your ip address logged on and I can check who you are and huntchu down!
(Just kidding.)

It's just 2 simple steps! :)

Step 1: See that Nuffnang advertisement at the sidebar (if there is)? Click on it!

Step 2: See that poll at the top of this entry? Help me vote for which series of contact lens I should get!

The one on the left is Geo Angel Series and the one on the right is Geo Nudy Quarter Series.

Been wanting to get coloured lens for long and my senior recommended Angel and Nudy Quarter from the Geo lens series.
Angel series has got a black ring line around the pupil area meaning it can enhance my eyes while Nudy Quarter series has the teary effect!
And the thing is that both are so nice I can't choose!

And I can't get both because I'd be damn brokkkkkeeeeee (unless kind souls out there are willing to sponsor them for me :P).

All the while I only thought of getting brown or gray and maybe purple because they're considered safer colours?
LOL, I don't think I can pull off any anime (blue) /vixen (red) /cat (green) look well. :/

So help me choooooooseeeeee and click on the advertisement!
Your help is greatly appreciated! :)

Till then, goodbye!

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