Sunday, May 15, 2011

#406 - My Loots

Checked camera to see what photos are 'worthy' enough to be up on here!
So this is a sort of random entry which I will try 'linking' photos together.

Some of my favourite items I got from the flea yesterday! :)

 Bag in tan which looks similar to the one I wanted to get from Gmarket (which was oos) earlier on!
Super happy because it was mad cheap and in perfect condition. :D
Gotta love the compartments too!

Speaking of bag, my M401 from Gmarket arrived 2 weeks plus ago.

 Don't know why, but I am fond of big simple bags.
I don't care about the brand as long as it's durable. :)

And then there's the new OPI colours I got yesterday!
Too bad if you get sick of seeing OPI stuff again.
It's from the same seller which I got my OPI (see previous entry) from!

Black shatter! :)
And these 2 colours which I bought half on impulse half on want.
More of a need actually. :P
The 2 colours look similar to Patrick's pants colours no?
Been wanting to do a Patrick version nail for long, so yay! :)

I have been looking for these 2 colours for mad long and then it's like the rest of the normal polishes brand don't carry such colours.
So of course buy!!!

Plus there's no time for you to decide at the flea itself because all the girls there are literally going crazy at the colours available there. They pushed you here and there to get the colours they want.
So it's you see you grab you pay you go!

So I decided going to the showroom to get the stuff with no one pushing you around and you can take your own sweet time deciding is the BEST.

And after getting them and looking at them at home, I realised I've got 4 out of 6 colours of the OPI Shrek Forever After series!

L to R: Ogre-the-Top Blue, Who the Shrek Are You?, Funky Dunkey, Fiercely Fiona
:) :D :) :D

Hehe and see my application for the Black Shatter polish!
Nails painted in the lighter shade of blue I mentioned about in previous entry! :)
One finger only because I ruin the rest! :/ :(

Can't wait for the Navy, Silver and Red shatter to be available soon!

 My current OPI collection to sum up this entry!
Unknowingly, I bought a colourful collection, it wasn't planned!

Alright, seeing colours make me happy and took my mine off certain unhappy stuff for a while.
My future is kind of bleakkkk now. :(

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