Saturday, May 14, 2011

#405 - Mini OPI Haul

Hehe I have been spending quite a lot lately! :)

Now it's no longer on food, but on materialistic wants/needs.

My mini OPI haul I got with May last Monday!! :)
So happy I got the chio blues!

Haha I wanted to do a vlog on this (since my lx5 is good at taking HD videos and I shouldn't put that function to waste), but this haul is too mini to vlog about thus I had to put that idea off my mind.

OPI so 贱 okay, have so many shades of colours and then most of them quite similar and I had a hard time deciding what to get lor!
 Btw, the 2 blues may look similar but they are not okay!!!

Probably going back to the place again/head down to the flea this saturday to get more colours when new stock arrive and then maybe I will vlog! :)

Painted my nails with the middle bottle polish!
And I am so sad I can't capture the true colour of the polish! :(

It's not THAT orange, it's actually a little of hotpink/neon pink/orange/red mix together.
Under different lightings, I see different colours!

Haha and I guess I'll be painting the ligher shade of blue soon because I plucked away the polish yesterday during work!

 And see my chio dark blue toenails!
Looking a tad lighter in flash!

It's a little teal blue irl! :)
Siao one, I keep admiring it everyday!

Hahah alright for now, if I paint my nails light blue soon, I will upload photos here! :)

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  1. love your feet, toes and the colour of them <3 kellybraidy@gmail


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