Friday, May 20, 2011

#408 -

Just a quick update.

!. I've inserted a Formspring on the sidebar so if there's any queries or burning questions you wanna ask, ask away! :)

2. I am trying to calm myself down regarding university admissions. It's like a fit now. Sometimes I panicked like madz because I am really scared I can't get in a local university. Sometimes I am calm and feel that I might have this small bit of hope to get in.

3. Actually I'm still kind of worried about the university admission. :(

4. Going out with The (Doh) Bitches tmrw for Hi-Tea! Hope my moods will be lifted high (and not talk about university stuff please) when I meet them since it has been long since we last meet up.

5. Some rumours saying it's the end of the world tmrw, I am really interested to know if it really will happen.

6. Last thing on the list, note to self:

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