Wednesday, May 25, 2011

#410 -

Pardon the half ass entries nowadays with many words but little photos.
Scheduled a few entries with photos inside but don't feel like publishing them, yet.

Hmm lots of things to settle these days, these 2 weeks are gonna be filled with plans!
And my mind is usually my organizer, BUT there's seriously too much on my mind I have to write down a To Do List here for reminder.
Doh, the To Do List is for my own reference so you can just click the X at the top right hand corner of the page (or the red circle on the top left hand corner for Mac users, lol) now.

To Do List:
1. Visit the dentist sooooooon, 4 wisdom teeth growing out already
2. Visit the doctor if my left leg still remains swollen (For no reason it hurts badly. I don't want pig trotters, I already got carrot legs. :( )
3. Settle application to SIM as a back up if I really cannot enter a local university
4. Sign up for driving lessons!!!
5. Meet Huiyi to get my polaroid films and money
6. Meet May to get my top
7. Prepare an appeal paragrph while waiting for NTU letter to arrive

Dates to remember:
1. Submission of SIM application with Yunhui on Friday
2. Random outing with May and Yili on Saturday (unconfirmed)
3. Submission of timesheet and then dinner with workmates next Wednesday
4. Primary School Besties meet up next Friday

Pea sized brain can't contain all these stuff!
Information overload. :O
Super busy for someone who usually have nothing much in life. LOL.

Note to self:

PS: I can't wait for June to arrive!!! :)

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