Friday, August 17, 2007

wahahahah. i think i shall post today. although nothing big really happen lah.

okay, recently, i was being taught a game which predicts guys and girls' feelings for each other lah, and it's quite true. so freaky lah. i dont know how to explain but there must be like 2 people holding 3 pens each connecting all the 6 of the pens together to form a rectangle. then you just have to keep saying any guy and girl name, and if the pens moved towards each other, it means they like each other, or they are already together or they are meant for each other. yeah. seems fun but is real freaky. the pens will move by themselves. those watching didnt believe it when may and i tried it out, until they tried it themselves. some thought we were the ones moving the pens. hell, no. when you try it, you can feel a force pushing the pens either outwards or inwards lah. FREAKY~

haha. so yeah. reading harry potter and the deathly hallows now. managed to read finish the half-blood prince in like 4 days. ((:

and boo. 4 tests tmrw. maths, english, chinese and history. there is a test every different lesson. DD:


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