Monday, August 13, 2007

hahahah. today and yesterday was .

we met the rest at peiwen's house and then set off to the place for dinner. there were already a lot of people there and many were wearing red. =.- we had long boring speeches and then we had to sing the national anthem and say the pledge. i was being so gl, i went to imitate on the way the emcee speak during the pledge. she kind of emphasizes on every word, and i did the same. rotfl. there were several performances while food was being served and i wasnt interested in them until there was one where people 'blew' fire. yeah. so cooool lah! so yeah. cam-whored again at the place, at peiwen's house and on the bus! hahahahahah!
woke up early and met jiazhi, ah wen, dede, ma and ahbu. we walked walked a little and took bus 300 there. seemed like we arrived quite early. then we started to help ourselves to the food, apparently, they were all spicy. hahah. took the lift up later to take a look at ms nat, so chio can. plus the bridegroom also very shuai. hahahah. they are so compatible. went down later and photos were taken. blah blah.
then the whole lot of us went to jp for lunch? yeah, at subway. shared with ah wen, whereas dede shared with ma, and jiazhi just watched. hahah. ahbu had left already. then walked walked looking for yvonne's present, and couldnt find the ahem we wanted, so yeah. left early with jiazhi since she wanted to meet jason again, plus i need to reach home early today. hahahah. saw yuxuan dearest, yunhui and sandy at mac on the way home. lols.
hmm. looks like there is something wrong with blogger currently and i cant upload the photos. D: oh well.

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