Saturday, August 25, 2007

hahahah. today was another happy day for me! :DDDDDDDD i think i am going crazyea soon! :))))

we were being released early today due to some i-dont-know what thing. so jiaying, yili and i went to yunhui's house nearby to play basketball. okay, we ate before we played. not good, we know. hahah. yeah. and the basketball court is situated at the 4th storey of a HDB flat. cool lah. we were like following yunhui into the lift and then we thought she wanted to bring us to someone's house. then we walked, walked and walked, and ta-da! the basketball court, plus badminton court and playground. :D

so we were happily and noobily playing lah. then 2 primary school look-alike boys came. they played at the other side of the court for a while and then one of them asked if we wanted to play with them, eh no, should be challenged with them. and we said no. so the one who talked to us started calling us names. FAGGOT! i mean, just because we dont want play, call us names? CRAZY ah! we were shouting stuff back at him too, no vulgarities though, i think even if we said that, he might not even understand. hahahah. and he got real bad, they said, 'si ge fei po zai da qiu'. translated meaning: 4 fat girls are playing basketball. and know what? the problem is he isnt really that slim himself. so we said, why dont you look at yourself, then he started shouting back i cant remember what. FAGGOT. i really feel like slapping him man. i dont know where he got the courage to talk to us like that lohs. somemore we were wearing pe uniform, so he criticised our school as well. he said kranji secondary basketball lousy lah, sure lose one. i admit i am not really supportive of kranji but yeah, it's still my school. and i really felt like killing him man, i felt like shouting out all the vulgarities i know, then slapped him. he might learn a lesson huh. hahah. anyway, we chose to ignore him. so he shouted stuff to us for awhile and then gave up, i think he must have realised that he's invisible to us already. hahah.

anyway, continued playing later. we oh ya pei ya som. i was with jiaying and yunhui, with yili. then there was a time when i have no choice (i was with the ball) and jiaying was kena blocked by yunhui and yili, i was quite far away, like 3 mark ball like that. then i just aimed at the black box and threw. GOAL! hahahahah. so tyco can. lied on the ground with jiaying later while yunhui and yili continued playing. i love the sun a lot. :DDD

saw ms sim at limbang later when i accompanied my mummy to buy groceries. and she asked me if i was helping my mummy to take the groceries, and i said yes, then she say i'm good, and asked me if i want to help her too. lols. i would, if she give me bonus marks for helping her. hahahah.

hahah. and i realised that i have been cursing and complaining a lot these few days, and i believe in karma you know you know? hahahah.

1 cm apart. ((:

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