Friday, August 24, 2007

(((: oh i am so happy today although i am going to complain about teachers today in my post.

seriously, i dont know why teachers are biased towards students in such an obvious way. i mean, it's common for one to be biased towards or against another. however, the biased-ness is seriously too much. the tone of the teacher towards different students is so different, rude or polite. let say one teacher, mr PH. He was an okay teacher when i first know him, but now his 'fox tail' came out already. he was really biased. towards guys who are in his cca and people who score well for his assignments. i have many many evidence to show how biased he really is. for example, when students he dont really like, okay, not really dont like, just that he doesnt show his favourism for them, change seats, he will be demanding for them to change back, blah. but there was a time, when the students from his cca change place, and we complained of them being noisy, he claimed that they are friends what, nevermind lah. hell. hate him can. another good example. some students were being told to stand at the back of the class today due to some stupid reason which he think that he is correct in punishing them and i shant say what it is, cause that's not what i am complaining about, and the tone in which he said towards 2 students is different. okay, let's have student A & student B. he is more biased towards student B since student B is quite good in the subject he taught. so when he told B to stand, he said, ' B, but you have to stand behind for a while.' for student A, he said, 'A, go and stand behind the class now.' wah. i was so buaysong then. mr PH's attitude towards the students is really _______.
how can he treat students so unfairly?

i remembered in primary school, biased-ness is also being seen. it's so normal now lah. take for example, MRS T always punish students who never do her homework. she made it known to the class that they would be punished for not doing them. blah. and as you know, there will always be students who fail to do her homework and then will be punished lah. i cant really remember what the punishment is though. anyway, she was biased towards a guy called G then. so there was a time when G forgot to do his homework, and she didnt know. she asked for those who never did their homework to stand up. and G, being honest stood up. the others who didnt do their homework also stood up. i saw her eyes immediately dart towards G, and she was like saying, what, she dont wish to punish the students today. hur. obviously, she dont wish to punish G lah. she even mentioned before G is one of her favourite student. evidence! rahh.

i really cant stand it when teachers are biased towards students. you can say i am jealous, but i am not. i just dont like the way the others are treated. i mean, it's okay if you're biased towards them, but the unfairness towards the other students in terms of tone and attitude is really bad. i think talks should be held for teachers so that they can learn about this type of stuff and that all students are equal. screw to biased teachers who only look at the better students. :C

now i know what will happen when we meet. ((:

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