Tuesday, August 21, 2007

rahh, i so hate (okay, let's give him a name) ahkao. okay. just because he thinks that his english is perfect means he can be sarcastic and say about other people's english meh? screw him man. we were talking about why the teacher was late and you know, we often have this type of broken english language between our conversations and then i was like, i said 'aiya, i think she most probably fall down lah, she wear so high,' meaning (if you dont get what i am saying), she was wearing high heels and this may cause her to fall. but then, you wont like expect us to speak such good english lah. crazy, and okay, i said, 'she wear so high'. and ahkao was like, in a sarcastic tone asking me, 'What do you mean by 'she wear so high'? i mean you should know lorh. then i was like waa, i so hate you and you so-called good english man. it doesnt mean that you are good in english and then just like show off or whatever. I HATE YOU MAN! doesnt mean that i speak broken english means i am not good in english okay. screw you hell lots. you ruin my day. DD:

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