Tuesday, October 12, 2010

#296 - Day 4

Day 4: A photo of one of your classes

Presenting to you not one but more than one photos!!

 With Mdm Khoo our civics tutor/maths tutor.

 With Miss Loon our chemistry tutor. :)

Mr Sin: Why never ask me???


*inserts a photo of 09S22's photo with Mr Sin here*

Shawn and Shazwan finally got the chance of being tall!

 09S22's girls looking cool/dao with shades on! \m/
Mama why you smile??!!
Bonus: Spot the perkiest butt ever! :D

 Like what Mama said, 09S22's own photoshoot.
Professional leh, shot using DSLR ok!!
Don't care what you say.
Thanks to Lynette for bring her DSLR that day.

JJC09S22, we're cool just like that.
You know you love us.

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