Sunday, October 3, 2010

#290 - Class Photo Taking

We were informed to take class photo tmrw.
I am excited, NOT.

The photographer never waits for everyone to be ready and the end product...

Never really like taking class photos.
Somemore now I am at the 50kg arena then I'd look fat.
And cfm sit in front because I'm the 2nd shortest in class. T.T

Hope there's no photo effect like the one below:

It makes people in the middle look round and fat.
Try to spot me (and my fat face). :(

Since I've uploaded that class photo, I might as well show you guys my class photos during the secondary school days.
Try spotting me.
My face shape are different for the 4 years.

 Zomg, long skirt, almost-knee length socks, centre parting.
Button the top button and wear tie nicely somemore!
But most importantly, my face still skinny!!

Secondary Two, the period of evolution.

 In the process of evolving...
Had side sweep fringe in Secondary 2 but these photos were taken before I cut it so I'm still stuck with that oh-so-ugly hairstyle.
Top button open, tie anyhow wear, ankle socks, short skirt.
And I know how to smile already!!!

Yeah, serious.
All the while Idk how to smile in front of a camera one, only Secondary 2 then know how.
What a loser. -.-

Then there comes Secondary 3, the fattest face year of my life. FML.
They say Secondary 3 is the slackiest year of your life.
How true.
Then I eat eat eat eat eat eat till my face super duper round.
I guess it kind of stay all the way till now. :(

 Cut bangs that fail and open a gap because of my side parting during Secondary 2.
End up resorted to clipping up fringe = major fail because it showed how round my face really is.

Moving on...
Secondary 4, I guess it's stress, my face slimmed down, a little.
Grew out my bangs and then had the same side sweep fringe again.
It was kind of flat though.
And I look super duper fair like ah piao. -.-

I remembered one of my classmates looking through the class photos and told me my face is like copy paste one.
I wanted to argue back but I realize I can't. :(
Because it's really like copy paste one.

I got a copy paste face. T.T

Anyway, if you realize, there's a small Patrick in the picture.
The lighting too white to see it lor.
LOL, I so enthu bring props the rest of them say I act cute!!! :(

Nevermind, tweeted to 09S22 Twitterers regarding doing something cool for the shoot (wah sound so cool and professional) tmrw.
I change my mind regarding class photo taking (for the fun shoot part only).
Hopefully we come up with something cool in the end! :D

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