Friday, October 8, 2010

#294 - My 'New' Phone

Hello lovelayes! :)

Due to boredom after studying, I went to change my phone from LG GC900 to my very first phone Nokia 3120.

A no camera, no bluetooth, music files not supported phone.
But who cares? As long as I can sms and call can already!!!

It looks so boring and whatnot so I did some modifications to mine!
Changed its cover! :D

 Chio/cute not?

Looks better when it is lighted up! :D

Hehe another reason why I changed to this for a while is because I am a little sick of touch screen phone.

This is my LG GC900 which only good point I think is the 8mp camera.
The rest are like zzz and sometimes it auto switch off for no reason and I hate it when that happens when I am in the midst of typing a long long long message.
And also that I super love the sound of the keypads clicking away when you type on those normal phones. :)

I love my Nokia 3120. ♥

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