Wednesday, October 20, 2010

#299 -

Been snacking on these for a while.
Hugeeeeeeee change compared to last time when I ate whatever I can find in the fridge = chocolates and whatnots.

Guess it's time for a change.
I really desperately need to go on a diet.

Can't believe I keep telling myself DIET STARTS TOMORROW every single day.
I fail lor.

I am going to hold on my promise of cutting down on fried stuff and fast food.

And I walk home from YewTee everyday now.

But oh dear, Mum cooked fried rice for dinner today. :(
How am I gonna cut down on eating so much carbs??


Anyway, yesterday I had Burger King though, which is why I shall officially start this diet thing today.

Speaking of Burger King, their chicken tenders are so freaking small that KFC came into my mind. LOL.
Almost same length as my pinky!
And FYI, my pinky is only 5cm long!
Yeah very short I know. -.-

Eh but their Mushroom Swiss Chicken Burger very nice! :D

Expensive though, $7.45 for that meal.
Plus the fries are not that nice at all.


Try this if you haven't!
Real tasting barley without the 'pulps'!
Best served chilled, no regrets!
Assured by yours truly. :)

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