Tuesday, October 5, 2010

#292 - Roti Prata

 Headed to Mr Teh Tarik Eating House at Jurong for dinner.

The roti pratas there were good! :)

I had 3 pratas.
Is that really a lot? :/

Conversation between me and the roti prata uncle:
Uncle: (when the 3 pratas are almost ready) Girl, you want to put on 1 or 2 plates?
Me: (thinking that he asked that because the plate was too small) Er. I think put on 1 plate okay already.
Uncle: 1 person eating only? *with a :O expression*
Me: (nonchalantly) Yeah.
Uncle: *shocked expression and look at me doubtfully* Okay...

I think he thought I ordering for 2 people. T.T
I think I have a very large appetite.

I remember this fire fighter guy only ordering 1 leh!
Then he kept staring me throughout my whole eating session.
Guess he can't believe I can finish 3 pratas by myself. :/

But trust me, I DID. *beams a little proudly*

Okay lah, actually nothing to be proud of!
I am getting fat! :(

Had a drink with the pratas too!
$1.50 for this huge cup of Iced Teh Tarik.

Ok ok only, quite bland actually.
Lied to myself it is healthier this way. -.-

-abrupt end-

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