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#771 - Boracay 2016 Day 3 - Island Hopping (Crocodile Island / Crystal Cove / Puka Beach) / Parawsailing

Back to share about my Boracay travelogue 2016!
Read about my Day 1 and 2’s travelogue here!

Day 3 was spent mostly on island hopping. We visited Crocodile Island, Crystal Cove and some place where we had buffet lunch (inclusive in the island hopping package) and Puka Beach. Thereafter we did Parawsailing.

As usual, we woke up early for complimentary breakfast.  Huge spread once again!!

Took a tuktuk or they call it a tricycle there to get from where we stay to Station 3. It costs us PHP60 which is about SGD2!

Went to Station 3 to board the ferry which took us to the different islands.

Crocodile Island was our first stop! Stopped by near Crocodile Island (no crocodiles lol) so that we all can snorkel!

The reason for its name is due to its side profile, which looks like a crocodile half submerged in sea.

Hahha Raine and I didn’t have any feels for snorkelling and we ere the only ones on the ferry who didn’t go. Snorkeling equipment are for rent at PHP20 but it’s actually quite unhygienic? Like there was a bag of googles and breathing tubes and the 船长 just rinsed them in the sea before distributing. I am v disgusted lol, so we just sat and people-watched lolol.

The emerald(?) blue sea. They threw bread into the sea to attract fishes so that you can see them. I also could see from inside the ferry. Hashtag noloss. Anyway we went Helmet Diving on the next day and got to see our share of fishes also so really never miss out much. Just that we look damn loser-ish while waiting and watching people snorkel lol.

Next stop was to Crystal Cove! Some place you have to pay PHP200 to get in and there are like some eateries, lots of stairs to hike up and see the view and this cave part where you get to play w the sea? Lol sorry bad English. We didn't head to the cave part because it was free and easy (1hr plus to venture around before ferry sets off) and there were only 2 of us so no one could take care of our belongings if we were to go play. At the end of the 1 hour, we were definitely the driest in our ferry lol. But we explored the place!

There were lots of shelters and slopes in many directions. This place reminds me a little of Jeju somehow..

Touristy spot to take photos.

We discovered this and started taking photos when there was no one. Then the crowd came. Damn lol.

Actually some parts quite scary la. Like sharp turns and if you slip and fall, the sea is just at the side ready to welcome you lol. But is chio. You see the colour.

Wasn't kidding about how you can fall to your death!

And then this ship came. And played those Korean songs. Really got Jeju feeling sia.

We were at Crystal Cove itself but er the sign is like at the other part of another island? 🤔

We had some time to kill so we climbed up this winding staircase to a shelter called Baywatch (lol).

I think this is Magic Island, the place where people cliff dive! Looks meh hor like no kick but I think when you are there, you can feel it. 3m 7m 10m if I recall correctly.

Our island hopping didn't include a visit to there though!

Took the ferry to some place to have lunch.

 Buffet style but we were only given 30mins meh. Food was alright.

There had more varieties of meat but I couldn’t identify them so I only took pork and fish. Don’t want to accidentally eat some innards or what haha. Fish had 他妈的多 bones and it was a major turn off because I hate biting something only to find bones in them. This is also why I love eating chicken breast haha.

Last stop was at Puka Beach before heading back to Boracay Island. Read from travelogues this place used to be less visited and prettier but I guess it got commercialized. There were quite a number of people there.

We ordered a drink and chilled at one of the benches there. You had to get a drink in order to sit for free.

My coconut juice! Requested for ice because the weather was crazy hot! It was a huge one w lotsa juice, but meh. The coconut juice wasn’t sweet!

Took this in the ferry on the way back. Wu feel bo?

Wind in my hair ✔
Cool (or rather bitch) face w sunnies ✔
(Fake) Tattoo ✔
Multiple piercings ✔

Photo on point 💯😏

Oh and I had my first fall of the day. Keyword: First. The ferry stopped somewhat near but still a bit far from the shore. 那种脚动地屁股也会湿 kind. I lost my balance walking down the ferry steps and sat on the seabed for a few seconds. Raine laughed. Ji good friend. 谢谢老天爷 for waterproof Kanken and handphone casing!

Current Facebook dp, I need an overseas trip soon to update hahaha!

Conservativechua, using Kanken bag to cover hahaha.

And with Puka Beach, that marked the end of our island hopping day! It ended around 5plus in the evening.

We went Parawsailing after that, w the aim of catching the sunset. Actually we had some time to spare so we walked around. I was desperate to air my clothes. Wet clothes so gaowei.

Then we set off. I hated the ride. It went so slowly and was motion-sickness inducing. Reminded me of swings/Vikings. The whole time I gripped the boat real hard and my toes were clenched in. Super scary.

On the sailboat w my fake Raybans. These fake ones are aplenty in Boracay hahaha. Got mine for like PHP100 which is like about SGD3 plus. Lol.

Due to some miscommunication w our guide, we didn't manage to catch the sunset on the sailboat. The boat went back before sunset. Wtf I suffered for nothing. Guaguagua.

This was when we alighted the sailboat. Mega fail, it was about 6pm then. We set off at 545pm. I still thought maybe the boat ride will be more than 30mins. Cheat my feelings. Lol.

Oh and erm this was my second fall of the day. The boat parked at like 2 stones throw aways from the shore. So I asked the 船长 okay to alight? He said okay. So I jumped down into the sea expecting to land w feet touching the seabed. 他妈的, 被骗. It was quite deep la. This time round my whole body sank into the sea lor. Heng I never panic. And Raine laughed again wtf. If I drown, I bet she will be scarred for life. Will haunt her for laughing at me lolol. So yeah I was wet from head to toe. Heng before that I went to purchase some waterproof carrier. Cause the Kanken is 100% waterproof. I washed it before so the wax thing a bit off liao. First fall only hit bottom so okay. Second fall is all in lolol.

In the end, we decided to walk along the shore to catch the sunset.

Please check out my nails wts. Not sure why right ones' worse than the left's!

In the middle, Sun's on the right and sky started turning dark on the left!

It was really pretty, like a painting!

Then the sky turned pink!!

Got ourselves some churros to snack before dinner!

Gradually into these shades of chio. 😍

Had a budget dinner that night - Instant noodles. They don't come cheap though, one cup was PHP89, that is about SGD3!!

Got some coin pouches for the friends!

And an update on my gelish nails. Gone already!!

Okay birdy chua signing off! X
(That reminds me, I ought to mask)

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