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#772 - Food As Motivation #49 - Flavour Flings / Neptune Dim Sum / Birds of Paradise

Visited Flavour Flings the other day w East meets West, missing Kai Xin who joined us later. Gonna categorise this under Food As Motivation (long time no see).

This actually happened on the same day as the Clip’ N’ Climb’s! Click here to read more about my Clip ‘N’ Climb experience.

Anyway, it has been awhile since we visited a cafe and I suggested Flavour Flings because I had seen videos of the raclette cheese being sliced and melting on the beef and I know I had to try the dish! Anyway, we were in the East area so getting there only took us a few bus rides so why not!

The cafe was located under a HDB flat in Hougang and it was not v huge. We ordered 4 mains and 1 sides for sharing. Food arrived fast, like in minutes and they were served hot. I M P R E S S E D.

 Truffle Fries (SGD8.90)
Truffle taste just right, we love this and wish the portion was larger!

Beef Steak & Raclette (SGD24.90)
Actually even though there was a generous serving of cheese, it didn’t go well together w the beef in the sense it’s like eating them separately. I guess people order this for the hype. But I would say the beef was done well (we asked for middle rare doneness) and it was really tender!

Benedict’s (SGD14.90)
Benedicts were decent! Sauce a little sour from the lemon but it was alright!

Carbonara Pasta (SGD14.90)
A little watered down and not cheesy enough for me. The rest find it alright but thought the portion was too small.

Flying Fish Roe with Tender Chicken Breast (SGD20.90)
The chicken breast was good! Not tough/dry at all and I like how the fish roe gave this dish a different kind of 咬劲! But one thing to note, it was really salty!! I can take salty stuff well so trust me, when I say something is salty, it IS really salty.

Yes we were THAT hungry after climbing hahaha.

Blurry photo but hello!

Overall I would say food’s okay, portions a little small but friendly staff there! It was not really worth the hype but it’s nice to have a cafe right downstairs to pop by and chill at! It's halal by the way! J

Details if you're interested:
Flavour Flings
121 Hougang Ave 1 #01-1348
Singapore 530121
Tel 6286 0051 

We proceeded to Nex for Dessertstory after that. Dessertstory because they have the popiah icecream from Taiwan on their menu!! They had it in 2 flavours, one Taro and the other Coconut.

Picked the Taro one because it feels more authentic? It was quite nice, even w the parsley. Normally I don’t take parsley at all, but somehow the icecream and the popiah skin went well together w it. Still, it can’t beat the one at 九份!

We also ordered the Mango Shaved Ice to share but wah it sucks, sorry. Mangoes too sour and ice tasted really weird.

Window-shopped awhile and proceeded to meet Kai Xin and then we had dinner at Marine Parade Hawker Centre – yes whole day just eat and eat and eat hahaha.

Photo edited using Insta-stories lol.

We wanted something light since we weren’t that hungry thus we opted for dimsum at Neptune Dim Sum. Not sure why it's Neptune everywhere online but the picture clearly spells it as Netune? Hahaha.

Errr we ended up ordering quite a lot actually hahaha but bill came up to SGD48.50 only! Worth it! I would say skip the xlbs and go for the hargow and the fried layered dumpling!

Proceeded to Birds of Paradise for desserts!! I have been wanting to try it since I saw people mentioning about their “exotic” flavours.

Cones were handmade okay!

 Hahha Y U SO GREEDY Kai Xin.

Got myself strawberry basil w their thyme cone. No regrets man, super good!!!

 Happy w our ice-cream! :)

One of our last few stops of the day was Watsons (really detailed entry right here) because I wanted to get the Biore wipes Kai Xin introduced!


They are scented powdery wipes, which you can use like e.g. after exercising etc. Tried it after our climb and it was pretty good! Can’t wait to try the berry one and see what it smells like! J

Okay abrupt end, X

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